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scope out all the other nominees and see who’s in the lead. then watch the mtvU fandom awards on sunday, july 27 at 8/7c on mtv to see which o.g. fandom takes the crown!

Hello Whovians!

Isn’t this fantastic? We’ve all been nominated for mtvU’s Best Fandom Forever award alongside some other amazing fandoms like Batman and Lord of the Rings. As mentioned in the post, this is an award for the best fandom, which means that this nomination is about you. From the gif makers to the artists, the text posters to the casual watchers, all of you are the reason why we’ve all been nominated, and why we get to do all of the fun stuff we do every day here on Doctor Who Tumblr. For that, we thank you!

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Hello, Whovians. We’re currently in second place behind Harry Potter and the competition for Best Fandom Forever ends tonight at 9pm EST! 


Relativity pants. You can take them off (nearly) as fast as the speed of light.

Relativity pants. Made with the fabric of space time.

Relativity pants. They’ll move you.

Relativity pants. Physics never looked so good.

Relativity pants. No worm holes or your money back.

Relativity pants. Going, going, gone.

Relativity pants. Complimenting ‘angular momentum’ since 1912.


Science Joke

  • Teacher:

    You need to stop being so lazy and get your work done!

  • Me:

    I am! I'm currently studying Newton's first law of motion.

  • Me:

    You see, An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

  • Me:

    I am testing out the theory of an object at rest.

  • Me:

    Yep pretty accurate so far.

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